Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Photos

We were visited by 2 Toucans up at Altos del Maria

An interesting plant that I like

I bought this planter on the road to El Valle, It is made from different pieces of trees. Believe me, there will not be another one exactly the same!

The area of Altos del Maria where our rental house was is at 2000 ft then there is a valley and another mountain about the same height. On the otherside of that mountain in a valley is a beautiful town called "El Valle" (pronounced el baya) They have a market that is packed on Sundays with tourists and locals buying handicrafts, flowers, fruits and vegitables. To get to it from Altos del Maria you need to drive down to the main highway (25 min) then along the highway for about 15 min then up the next mountain about 25 min. We decided to take the cross mountain road which takes about 30 minutes. Unfortunately there were no directional signs and we made a few errors and drove a horrible road for about 10 km. Thank god for the gps because I am sure we would still be in that mountain trying to find our way back. We finally found the right road and it was in much better shape except for a few places. You wouldn't want to be caught up there in the rain storm as there were many hills and valleys to go thru.
first 2 pictures are of the wrong road

ahh...the right road

the town of El Valle

the market

Check out this moth... it looks just like a leaf from a tree

the rains are coming....

Hotel National in David Panama near the costa rica border

this is how they get their fruits to market. Bananas and a small red fruit that I don't know the name of yet. You also see trucks loaded with pinapples too.

For real... this was the view from our patio one night after a storm

Panama City
Every day these ladies in yellow come along and sweep up the garbage.
Every night its dirty again...