Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Journey across the USA

July 31, 2009
Left Calgary feeling a little sad, but excited too. It took us 1 hour to get thru the Coutts border. It seems that every bike was being checked over and then sent inside for a further check. Arrived at Great Falls and stayed the night in a very nice La Quinta Hotel.
Aug 1, 2009 Drove thru Montana and stopped at "Custard's Last Stand at the Little Big Horn" Very Impressive (the batteries on the camera died so only got this one picture)

they put grave stones where they know indians and soldiers died.

We stayed in Sheridan Wyoming that night.

Aug 2,2009

Went to Mount Rushmore, Tons of people. Quite a work of craftmanship. Near Mt. Rushmore at Stergis there was a bike ralley happening. Bikes everywhere. We saw over 2000 in and around this area. After Mt Rushmore we travelled 1 hr east to find cheaper hotels and we ended up in Wall South Dakota (should have been named "Hole in the Wall" ha ha ha. Bikes everywhere and we paid 180.00 (ouch). We had our anniversary dinner at a little diner and splerged for the Rib eye.

this was Wall S.D.

Aug 3, Stayed at Omaha Nebrasca Nothing else to say.

Aug 4, St Louis Missorri

We crossed the Missorri River on one side of St Louis and the Mississippi river runs thur St. Louis. We saw the big "Archway to the West". Its a nice city and would have loved to stay another night but they were booked.

Aug 5 Bardstown Kentucky - the bourbon trail . the town is lovely and old. We did the tour of the Jim Beam distillary but they never showed you how they made the bourbon just a movie. But we got free tastings...mmmm Me and a statue of Jim Beam

Aug 6 Middleboro Kentucky - from the Bourban Trail to a Dry county...pretty funny. not a beer to be found. This town is 1 mile from the Tunnel thru the mountain at the Cumberland Gap. Found this little place across the state line to eat and have a beer. They had great Ribs.

Aug 7- Columbia South Carolina- beautiful country side.

Aug 8 & 9 Litchfield Beach South Carolina (just 10 mi from Mrytle Beach) This place was great. Hot and sunny. The beach is beautiful.

Next 2 pictures were taken at Myrtle Beach

Aug 10, 2009
We visited Charleston South Carolina. What a beautiful place.

Aug 10 We stayed the night in Brunswick Georgia.
Aug 11, We arrived in Orlando
Aug 12, our visit to Epcot Centre. THis place is large and expensive. Our favorite pavillion was of China. I loved the Terra Cotta Sodiers

Aug 14 to Fort Lauderdale and then on the 19 to Miami. What can I say about this area. Crowded and most people spoke spanish. It was also the most expensive state we crossed. Not sure why so many people flock there when South Caroline was prettier and cheaper.

Aug 21, flew to Panama City.